SEO Driven Content Marketing For Entrepreneurs
Learn how to build, launch and scale an SEO driven content marketing strategy from scratch in 90 minutes and 10x your organic traffic, lead flow and customer flow!

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In this free 5 part mini-course we'll be walking you through creating and launching an SEO driven content marketing strategy for your tech company. Here's what you'll be learning:

Module One: The Content Marketing Basics

In this module you'll learn what content marketing is, why you should invest in it and when you should begin using content marketing.

Module Two: Crafting A Content Marketing Strategy That Actually Works

In this module you'll be defining your target customer and your goals when it comes to content marketing. This will set you on a path of success. You'll also learn how to do the research that will be used to craft your 90 day content marketing strategy.

Module Three: Creating Content

In this module you'll learn to most effective approach to creating content that works to drive organic traffic and convert.

Module Four: Promoting Your Content To Generate Traffic That Turns Into Leads

In this content-packed module we'll walk you through building a content promotion checklist, repurposing content and the six effective promotion methods we use to promote our content over and over again with great success.

Module Five: Capturing Leads Effectively That Can Be Turned Into Customers

In this module you'll learn about the most effective ways to capture leads, onboard those leads and qualify them to become customers.

What People Are Saying

Ryan Gum,

"Jamil is one of the few true authorities on creating and executing high-impact content strategies. He was able to create a comprehensive 90 day content strategy for us from scratch – and the level of detail and creativity blew me away."

Andrew Kaplan, AK Communications

"Jamil always finds a way to stay ahead of the curve and his strategies are rock-solid. I learned in 45 minutes what would have taken a year with most other so-called "marketing experts" who I've learned from in the past. Check his content out and see for yourself."

Mauricio Cardenal, The Cardenal Group

"Jamil has a deep understanding of content marketing. His insights and strategies have helped grow my consulting agency tremendously. I highly recommend this course for any entrepreneur looking to grow with content marketing."
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